10 & Under

10 and Under / QuickStart

Fun is the name of the game as 4 to 10-year-olds learn tennis basics in our unique 10 and Under / QuickStart Program. Northbrook Racquet Club pros build skills through games, drills and individual attention in a fun-filled, relaxed setting.

Start Early

Children build coordination and technical skills.

Tennis provides countless physical benefits for children of any age.

  • Develops their hand-eye coordination,
  • Develops gross motor control and develops fine motor control
  • Develops balance and movement skills

Tennis also promotes overall good health in children – improved bone strength and density, and a robust immune system.

Lessons for Life

Children who play tennis develop skills and strategies that will also serve them well in life off the court.

  • Children learn to accept responsibility for their actions, decisions and mistakes, and can begin to manage these more effectively.
  • They must learn to respond to adversity and adapt to different situations.
  • Both in practice and competitive environments, tennis fosters work ethic, discipline, and sportsmanship in children, and hones their strategic and problem solving skills.

Working Together

  • Tennis also fosters social skills – children learn about the importance of teamwork when playing doubles, and benefit from the necessary communication with singles opponents before, during and after matches.

Racquets are available for use during the lessons.

Contact Leta at 847-498-2520 for class availability.

Every child wins!

We offer a 10% discount for each additional child in a family participating in our programs.